Myfreecams Tokens Generator Update v.1.7.3

Myfreecams Tokens Generator Update v.1.6.5

Myfreecams Tokens Generator Update v.1.3.6

What are these updates for?

It isn't that easy to hack MFC database and add certain amount of tokens to the account and still stay under radar. Since MFC Hack is available for everyone this tool became more popular. For this reason our team is forced to release new updates in order to keep the software working. We hope that you understand this.
How to download Updates for Myfreecams Tokens Generator ?

Choose one of the given surveys

Fill it out carefully and to the end

Downloading process will begin automatically
Why we use survey-based hosting?
The reason is simple - we are not allowed to upload hacks and cheats on normal hosting sites - these files would be removed immediately. So in order to keep our file available to download 24/7 we have to use hosting that lock content with surveys and don't remove anything from servers.

9 comments to Update

  • Max  says:

    Thanks for the last update, now it works good, I couldn’t add tokens and thought it was over with this program but fortunately new update <3

  • Marcos69  says:

    I just went through all the updates, uff, now everything is like before – tokens are generated and transferred to my account, thanks god, lol

  • tak4r0  says:

    you guys are awesome with all these updates, can’t believe you are releasing it so quickly :D

    • Myfreecams-freetokens.com  says:

      we are forced to update our software almost every week in order to keep it working

      • jessicaMFC  says:

        we all appreciate your hard work :)

      • jack83  says:

        thanks for giving us great hack, you saved me plenty of money

      • michael  says:

        myfreecams-freetokens and myfreecams – two best sites I know :D

  • Wellington  says:

    It would not be possible to place the updates in torrents files?

    • Myfreecams-freetokens.com  says:

      We tried a lot of different torrent sites, they all delete our files very quickly. Sorry for this, but hosting we use right now is the only method available

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